Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pushing boundaries

Kyle, I've noticed after the week of you making sure you dominated me completely I've been pushing you and you haven't been pushing back. When I do that and you don't push back I get panicky and uncomfortable. I think it may be part of the emotional issues I'm having lately. It makes me feel less safe when you don't assert your dominance over me when I'm being a brat for no good reason. You know how hard it is for me to make decisions, and you keep making me make more decisions. I think it's wearing on me.

When I throw a fit I need you to tell me you're there and I'm okay, I need you to control me. Usually you don't dominate me. You let me make my own decisions when I'm in that state, and it only scares me more. I need you to make decisions for me totally when I'm in that state. I love you so much and I don't want anything to happen that would tear our relationship apart, and I know in person I couldn't form the right words and that you needed to know this.

You don't need to be forceful to dominate, it's a mental state, like when you would tease me by switching roles and all it would take for me to calm down was you commanding me to look at you, I think something little like that would be all it would take for me to calm down. We've been dating for such a little time, yet I love you and trust you so completely, part of me is still afraid of something happening that would tear us apart. When you assert your dominance, it makes me feel reassured that you'll always be there. I love you.

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